About Us 

HWH Learning Solutions and Consulting is a team of professional instructional designers working together to deliver compelling learning solutions to meet your needs.


We are committed to work as a team 

To deliver high quality accessible solutions centered on our customers' needs.


To create compelling learning solutions based on a solid foundation of learning theory and accessibility. 


To find the right combination of problem-solving, pedagogy and design appropriate for each solution.


We take a customer service and learner-centered approach to instructional design and curriculum development. Our primary objective is to listen to you, our customer, about your needs, challenges and what is the motivation to update your program.


After we assess your needs and learners, we'll partner with you and evaluate various learning models or approaches that might best fit the situation. We do not usually utilize one model for our projects, but a multitude since not all learning can be put into one model or approach. Often, the learning models draw heavily from well-established adult learning principles that emphasize learner initiative, self-management of training and experiential learning. This learner-centered approach to our learning solutions reaches out to the audience to make learning most effective and long-lasting.


We work with you to define learner-focused performance objectives and proceed to the selection and implementation of instructional strategies and learning activities appropriate for those objectives. The sequencing of instructional activities and strategies that best reach the learner are then determined.

Our Team 


Dr. Heidi Watson-Held - Owner

Suzanne Stark Bienert

Christina Finney

L Gosick - instructional designer

Dr. Laurie Grosik

Dr. Patricia A. Nordstrom

Dr. Frank Wilson

Dr. Stephanie Edel-Malizia

Dr. Lisa Rusczyk

Instructional design with books and pencils

A defining condition of being human is that we have to understand the meaning of our experience.

Jack Mezirow

Dr. Lisa Rusczyk