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Improve Performance and Problem Solving with Better Training

We work with your company as a team to deliver custom training solutions based on your existing programs and knowledge base. If you don’t have a program in place, we work with you and your experts to build one from the ground up. Scroll down for additional information!


Quality learning solutions and curriculum development customized to your needs.

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We provide engaging e-learning solutions customized to the unique needs of your learners using the latest technologies and learning methods to guarantee effective delivery. To try an example of Microlearning click play below to learn more.

Microlearning Solutions

Office Team

Instructor-Led Training Design

By working with you and your subject experts we craft innovative instructor-led training modules and curriculum with interactive activities and multi-media to fully engage your learners. Facilitator and user guides help provide the consistency for effective delivery.

Blended Training

Sometimes one learning modality is not appropriate for the learning and development goals that you want to achieve. A variety of technology, learning experiences and collaborative problem-solving can be incorporated into your curriculum so that the needs of your learners are fully met.

Blended learning solutions on tablet
Women receiving video training

Video Training

Most people like to watch videos. So why not take advantage and pack your powerful messages into captivating video? Our custom video production are based on adult learning principles to ensure effective and efficient delivery.

Custom E-Learning Solutions

To keep up with today's fast pace and need for immediate answers, our microlearning solutions deliver training in small bursts to make a more learner-focused training solution. That way, your learners are in control of what and when they receive the training and get answers on-demand. Microlearning solutions are also easy to produce and maintain.

Customised E-learning solutions

Transition to HTML5

With Flash going obsolete in 2020, we can convert your training on legacy platforms to more mobile-friendly HTML5.

Curriculum Assessment and Consultation 

We can provide extensive expertise to assess your current learning and development program, your evolving goals and your learners. We build our solutions on evidence-based adult education principles and strategies to design curriculums that take you to the future.

Training and development consulting

As a team of strategic and creative experts, we understand how important it is for our clients to create a lasting impact on their learners. We are committed to solving complex challenges that you might have. If you aren't quite sure what you need we are willing to listen and explore possibilities. 

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