Examples of Our Work

Project examples that we've had the pleasure to deliver.

Aging and Relationships across Generations for National and International Companies and Organizations

The Challenge - Convert an established face-to-face training about inter-generational relationships primarily for undergraduate students to a training series that can be used to teach adults. 


The Solution - We developed an instructor guide and corresponding participant manual for a face-to-face training that educated employees in businesses, healthcare and aging organizations on long-held attitudes about aging and relationships across generations. Multiple sets of instructor guides and participant manuals were created with a corresponding facilitator guide that allowed for the use of adult learning.


The Result - This face-to-face training is currently being sold as a train-the-trainer package for hospitals, corporations and other human service organizations in the U.S. and international locations.

learning solution for inter-generations

Consultation and Training for University to Incorporate new educational technology both from a technical and pedagogical standpoint

The Challenge - A startup technology company that develops new software that makes student readings about social learning needed to find a process to assist faculty in using their new educational technology. They needed to help faculty integrate the tool into their existing learning management system. They needed to train current and future faculty and students on how to use and achieve the most benefit from the learning analytics and measure the learning that results from the use of the product.

​The Solution - HWH assessed the training requirements for the software. We determined that a user manual would be most effective as an initial training format for both faculty and student users. However, as faculty users grew, it was determined that one-to-one consultation was needed so that faculty could determine the best methods for incorporating the software in their classes for effective learning.  

The Results - We identified a resource to create the manual that is now used by faculty and students. A librarian, that provides multiple tiers of service, was placed to assist faculty in curating content and incorporating them into their collegiate courses. Instructional Designers from HWH are paired with faculty to assist in the technology and pedagogical integration.

consultation for new educational software for a University

22 E-training Modules for Teaching "21st-Century Skills" to Preschool teachers


​The Challenge - "21st-century skills" generally refers to certain core competencies such as collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving that advocates believe schools need to teach to help students thrive in today's world*. A company that supports the learning of preschool teachers wanted them to teach these "21st century skills to their students. Many of the preschool teachers did not have these skills themselves and could not effectively teach them.

​The Solution - HWH developed the content and incorporated it into 22 e-learning modules to train the teachers. 

​The Result - Over 800 teachers were successfully trained and 21st century skills are a regular component in the preschool curriculum. 

*Rich, E. (2010) How do you define 21st-Century Learning? One question. Eleven answers. Education Week, Online Summit, Personalized Learning, Teacher PD Sourcebook. Retrieved from https://www.edweek.org/tsb/articles/2010/10/12/01panel.h04.html on November 4, 2019.

Children playing using 21st Century skils Learning solution

​Microlearning modules to reduce stress ​


The Challenge - A client in the social sciences required a program to educate adults in a wellness program on how to manage stress.


​The Solution - HWH developed sixteen 1-minute e-learning modules and one longer 15 minute e-learning module from evidence-based content provided by the client. The modules are mobile-friendly and compatible with any device.  

​The Results - The modules were incorporated into their wellness program and the adult learners were educated on stress management.

man using e-learning module for reducing stress

What Our Clients Think

Testimonials from our clients we've had the pleasure of working with


We brought in HWH Learning Solutions to assist in creating a blended professional development program for teachers and staff of a nationwide early learning childcare center. For the eLearning component of the program, our client sought innovative training that would encourage its participants to engage and interact with the training rather than simply hurriedly “click through.” HWH Learning Solutions has a very strong customer orientation and worked intently to provide effective outcomes for our project. Heidi and her exceptional team of Instructional Designers performed a Needs Assessment and then effectively communicated their findings to us, demonstrating how we would create 51 unique, interactive eLearning modules for our client. There is no such word as “can’t” with HWH Learning Solutions, for when roadblocks arise, Heidi and her team are true to their company’s namesake—offering ample solutions to what seemed to be impossible problems.

Heidi and her team have been instrumental in creating detailed job aids and materials for Omega Notes. Working with Heidi has been a breeze. She is incredibly dedicated to the work and thinks outside of the box. I can hand her a project with the knowledge that it will get done in a timely manner and with the highest quality. What started as a small project has since grown into a long term business relationship. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their courses or instructional materials.

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We first started using HWH Learning Solutions Consulting in the summer of 2020.  The Pandemic necessitated our moving all of our classes, which to that point had all been 100% Face-to-Face, to online.  We had pivoted in March of 2020, but needed assistance in moving faculty to a new content management system that greatly strengthened our limited LMS to provide a stronger online experience for our students.  All of the instructional designers at HWH have been extremely professional, helpful, patient, and encouraging to our faculty.  Heidi carefully tracks progress of each and every instructor and course, and regularly updates us on progress made.  She and the IDs are happy to meet with us to discuss any issues that occur in order to figure out  solutions, and have done so a number of times.  That has included working with our IT Department in order to solve interface issues between our LMS and the new content management system.  The cost has been extremely reasonable and the service provided has been stellar.  Almost two years later, we are still working with them to get as many faculty up and running as possible.  Thank you, HWH Learning Solutions Consulting! To say we couldn’t have done it without you is the understatement of the year!

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