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Heidi Watson-Held, D.Ed.

Professional Portfolio



Work Artifacts
On this page you will find a list of my positions and samples of products created either by me individually or as a part of the organizational or functional teams with which I have participated. You may also find writing samples, news or other evidence of my work.

Writing Samples

Dissertation: Promoting Adult Student Success at Four-Year Higher Education Institutions

Increasing Adult Learner Persistence and Completion Rates– Chapter 4 The Campus Climate for Adult Students: Cloudy with a Chance of Success

A Resource for Using the Framework for Work-Based Foundation Skills

Theoretical Position Paper- Abraham Lincoln

Benchmarking Project VP Taskforce on Service Learning and Student Engagement


Instructional Designer, eLearning Design and Innovation Group (eLDIG), Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA. 6/2015-  present

Blog Post: Setting up Math Equations in Canvas

Blog Post: Using Rubrics in Canvas for Assignments and Discussions

Interactive Table of General Manufacturing Alloys

Video- Ethical Decision Making

Design Review- Recognizing Ethical Dilemmas (incomplete product)

Assessment Rubrics


Learning Designer/Research Assistant, Clearinghouse for Military Readiness, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 6/2012- 5/2015

Design Review New Parent Support Program Supplement (incomplete product)

Design Review for New Parent Support Program (incomplete product)

Design Review for Look and Feel of New Parent Support Program (incomplete product)

Design Review Risk Assessment Training (incomplete product)

Asynchronous Scenario Based Storyboard

Designing Learning for Military Families Facing Deployment – Conference Proposal

YRRP Asynchronous Learning Session: Are you Ready? Being Prepared for Deployment

YRRP Asynchronous Learning Session: Renegotiating a New Normal

YRRP Asynchronous Learning Session: Settling In, Surviving Deployment

YRRP Asynchronous Learning Session:  Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System

Clearinghouse Video: 10 Tips to Avoid Credit Traps and Bankruptcy

Implementing the YRRP Curriculum

Searching the Clearinghouse

YRRP Help-Seeking Interaction Logs

Collaboration with Law Clinic Students

Blog Post: Communicating as a Family During Deployment

Blog Post: Parental Involvement with Children During Deployment

F2F  Style Guide and Facilitator Guide Development Template

 F2F Style Guide and PPT  Development Template

Training Assessment Tool

YRRP Curriculum Development Processes


Instructional Designer, Information Technology Services – Training, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 07/2010–6/2012

Web-based Tutorial Project Plan

Full Project Plan

Blog Posts – Learning Design and Technology Integration

7 Things You Need to Know about University Collaboration Suite Briefcase

Using Tags to Classify Emails, Contacts, Appointments, Tasks, and Briefcase Items

Created Training on the AIS eSteward Program; this training is proprietary and unavailable for public viewing


Conference Planner, Outreach, Conferences and Institutes, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 8/2009–7/2010

Award: Teen Pregnancy Prevention Conference


Health Science Liaison Officer, College of Medicine and Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, Department of Public Health Sciences, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 05/2007 to 12/2008.

Position Announcement

Health Sciences Council

Benchmarking Health Sciences Outside Penn State

Benchmarking Existing Health Sciences Program at Penn State


Instructional Designer, Outreach, Justice and Safety Institute, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 07/2005–05/2007

Innovation Award

High Impact Supervision Participant Guide

High Impact Supervision Module 4 PPT

PACSETI-opoly – A custom monopoly style game

JASI Instructor Guide Template

JASI Instructor PPT Template


Program Development Specialist, Outreach, Program Resources/World Campus, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 7/2001–7/2005

Team Award: The 2002 Rural Women’s Health Conference Planning Team


Senior Research Technologist, Institute for the Study of Adult Literacy, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 8/1999–7/2001

National Institute for Literacy electronic discussion group on workplace literacy

Framework for Work-based Foundation Skills

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